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How You Can Help

We're hiring! Do you have a passion for saving lives and a desire to make a difference? Grace for 2 Brothers is hiring a Volunteer & Community Resource Coordinator. This is a part-time, paid position requiring ten hours a week. To apply please send a resume and cover letter to the Grace for 2 Brothers' Board of Directors Chair, Janet Webb at Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

Position: Volunteer & Community Resource Coordinator

Reports to:
Director of Operations

The Volunteer & Community Resource Coordinator will provide coordination, communication and direction for all community and volunteer support (resources including time, money and other donations) for the Grace for 2 Brothers Foundation.

The Volunteer & Community Resource Coordinator (VCRC) will be responsible for coordinating the volunteer program at Grace for 2 Brothers (GF2B). This will include maintaining volunteer opportunities, training and schedule. The VCRC will also maintain communication between local organizations providing resources to GF2B including sponsorships, partnerships and donations (financial & in-kind). The VCRC will actively participate in organizing community events and projects, recruiting volunteers and promoting GF2B.

Duties & Responsibilities:
Implement and evaluate all volunteer recruitment, orientation and educational activities:

  • Recruit, screen, and interview all volunteers;
  • Provide volunteer training and orientation as necessary for events and routine opportunities and maintain a schedule of opportunities;
  • Survey employees, board of directors and committees regularly to assess needs for volunteer assistance;
  • Maintain regular schedule of routine and ongoing volunteer tasks and opportunities and assign volunteers to each opportunity;
  • Maintain accurate records and provide timely reports on volunteer participation and issues as they arise;
  • Delegate assignments and tasks as communicated;
  • Answer questions and follow-up with volunteers as needed;
  • Match volunteers from database to specific assignments based on skills and availability;
  • Provide ongoing support and guidance for volunteers;
  • Act as a single point of contact for communications;
  • Be knowledgeable about projects, services and resources;
  • Arrange appropriate resources, volunteer assistance and time as needed.

Cultivate Community Resources to include:

  • Outreach to solicit Prevention Partners, Walk of Grace Title Sponsors, Golf Tournament Sponsors and Embrace Grace Table Sponsors;
  • Cultivate relationships with local organizations and businesses to solicit donations for events, advertising and other resources as needed.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

  • Must be a self-starter with the ability to work independently without immediate direction or supervision;
  • Professional attire is required as appropriate;
  • Has strong interpersonal skills;
  • Has a strong performance orientation and skillful strategic thinking. Establishes clear expectations and continuously measures performance;
  • Effectively manage time and work productively in an unstructured environment;
  • Demonstrates ability to work in an environment with changing deadlines and priorities;
  • Demonstrates excellence in both oral and written communications. Knowledge of external communications and cultivation techniques are essential;
  • A high degree of integrity in dealing with confidential information including but not limited to personal health information, donor, supported family and financial information;
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, etc.) & Smartsheet.

Physical/ Mental Demands: Ability to frequently lift and/ or move up to 10 pounds and occasionally lift and/ or move up to 35 pounds in order to perform essential position functions. This includes moving around, standing and/or sitting for prolonged periods or working in front of a computer screen.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • High school diploma or GED equivalent.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Experience in a professional environment or business setting with responsibilities requiring adapting to advancing technology;
  • Fundraising and/ or development experience with a nonprofit organization.

Time Commitments:

  • 8-10 hours a week
  • Hours are to be determined in conjunction with the needs of Grace for 2 Brothers Foundation;
  • Must be available for special events and training;
  • May be required to attend Board Meetings on occasion.

Wish Lists for Books and Resources

Make a General Donation

Grace For 2 Brothers Foundation is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt, charitable organization funded by private donations from individuals, foundations and corporations. We are grateful to the generous donors who support our mission and programs.

We hope you will consider making a donation in support of Gf2b's suicide prevention work; your contributions will also support our efforts to provide a resource for survivors of suicide. All donations are appreciated, are tax deductible to the extent permitted by law and will be acknowledged by Gf2b. Our federal tax ID# is 27-1304145.
You can make a donation to Gf2b in one of the following ways:

  • Mail a check or money order made payable to Grace For 2 Brothers Foundation to:
    1607 Capitol Ave.
    Suite 330
    Cheyenne, WY 82001
  • Employer Match:
    Contact your employer to determine whether the organization has an employee match donation program. If so, have your Human Resources Division contact us at to obtain any required supporting documents.


We are always in need of wonderful volunteers like you. There are a variety of ways you can volunteer your time/ talents
including: training, events & fundraising, grant writing, administration and by becoming a board member to name a few.
This is not an exhaustive list, so please, if you have any other ideas, contact us via the form below; we appreciate any
thoughts and ideas.

Click HERE to volunteer.

In-kind Donations

There are many ways you can help other than monetary donations, although we ALWAYS appreciate those - but other ways to help can be just as valuable. A few ideas for in-kind donations:

  • Copier paper
  • File folders
  • Office supplies
  • Donation of advertising Space
  • Donation of Air time for Radio or TV spots
  • Office Furniture
Please contact us if you have an interest in any in-kind donations.